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Humble Smile Foundation

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The Humble Smile Foundation is a global group of dental professionals who believe passionately that good oral health is a basic human right. Our humble vision is to help prevent suffering caused by oral disease. We do this by promoting effective oral health initiatives anywhere in the world where unmet needs are great.


The Humble Smile Foundation manages oral health outreach projects to help keep smiles on the faces of kids that live in the most vulnerable areas around the world. Humble smiles also appear on the faces of those who help us.


he Humble Smile Foundation brings together people that have chosen to share the responsibility of preventing oral disease. We work with like-minded organisations to deliver effective solutions that make a real difference to the lives of many.


The Humble Smile Foundation develops and delivers programmes and initiatives that inform, educate and help to prevent oral disease in vulnerable people who often have never seen let alone used a toothbrush.